Why You Don’t Want to Miss the 2024 Chamber Pros Talks Online Conference

The first week of June is a momentous occasion for Chamber Pros AND their members. From June 3rd-7th, you’ll want to stay close to an internet connection because it’s the 10th Annual Chamber Pro Talks Online Conference.

This chamber industry-specific event is like none other, and it is special for many reasons. Over five days, you’ll have the opportunity to listen to 20 experts in the field talking about cutting-edge topics.

This isn’t just any conference.

The speakers have been selected for their industry knowledge AND innovative topics covering things you need to know as a Chamber Pro.

Before we get into the many reasons this is a not-to-miss event, let’s take a quick look at the presentations you’ll hear. Additionally, you will also have access to the recordings because we know it’s hard to watch things live as a Chamber Pro.

20 Speakers on Critical Topics to the Success of Your Chamber

As part of the online conference, you will gain important knowledge on the following topics from experts in the field. Best of all, each presentation is designed with the chamber industry in mind.

Sure, there are other conferences touching on these topics but very few with this much information from chamber pros and specialists in the industry.

You’ll learn about:

  • ​Non-dues Revenue
  • Retention Strategy
  • Membership Sales
  • Foundation, Funding & Programs
  • Leadership Programs
  • Dues Structure
  • Leadership
  • Young Professionals
  • Advocacy/Government Affairs
  • Sponsorships
  • Workforce
  • Marketing Automation
  • Board Development
  • ​​​Ambassadors

Plus, important AI subject matter including:

  • ​AI: Content Repurposing
  • AI: Content Creation
  • AI: Image Creation
  • AI: Practical Use Cases
  • ​​​AI: Event Planning Strategy & Tactics

But the topics are only half the reason to attend this conference.

Do you need other reasons? Really?

Keep going…

Why Should I Attend the 2024 Chamber Pros Talks Online Conference?

With the Chamber Pros Talks sessions, you will:

  • Celebrate a decade of the Chamber Pros Talks Online Conference. That’s a century in technology talk years! Yes, you’re learning but you’re also having fun.
  • Be a part of 20 transformative live sessions covering the hottest topics in the chamber industry.
  • Receive exclusive insights on retention strategies, non-dues revenue, sponsorships, and the cutting-edge applications of AI in chamber operations.
  • Learn about practical solutions you can implement immediately, whether you're part of a small town chamber or more regional.
  • Wear your PJs and be comfortable as you learn ways to take your chamber to the next level.
  • Share the content with your board. Having a hard time getting buy-in from your board on a few things? Show them the experts. Let them hear it for themselves.
  • Share the content with your members. You have the option to add the AI class for your members. They can watch live or view the recording. By providing this information to them, you’re giving them yet another chamber benefit that they need. AI is transforming the business landscape. Those who don’t adopt it will be left behind.
  • Network with other attendees. Just like in an in-person conference, you can network and exchange best practices and ideas with other attendees and speakers.
  • Get your questions answered. In a big conference center, on a topic as all-encompassing as AI, it might be difficult to get your questions answered. At this conference, you can ask your specific questions of the speakers and learn in a more meaningful way. Speaking of…
  • Learn in the medium of your preference. Reader? Podcast junkie? Video fan? No matter how you like to consume content, as a virtual attendee you’ll receive written transcripts, an mp3 of each session, and the ability to watch the live presentation and the video recording.
  • Receive on-demand access. Rewatch/replay anything you’re interested in. Share it with your board, members, committee members, staff, consultants, vendors, even your family!
  • Be a part of it with awesome merch bonuses. All participants will receive a Chamber Pros Talks conference tee as well as a collector’s coin and professional session summaries (like Clift Notes but better!).
  • ​​​​Save more with the Super Early-bird Pricing. Prices will increase closer to conference time. Get your best value right now.

Everything You Need to Know at Your Chamber

In this virtual conference, you can expect tons of actionable information about chamber best practices in some of the biggest challenge areas for Chamber Pros. These sessions are taught by industry experts who have put these suggestions into practice. They have done the trial and error for you, sharing what’s worked and what hasn’t.

Take this learning and apply it to your own chamber. This conference is all about actionable changes, not theoretical ones.

And as always, there’s a lot you can learn from the “chat track” as well. Questions and commentary in the chat is a bonus that past attendees loved. You can connect with other chamber pros, share best practices, and get a better understanding of what others are doing in their chambers.

AI Is Front and Center

Okay, so I realize I’m a little biased (don’t miss my session on repurposing existing content with AI!) but in addition to all of the wonderful chamber management topics and member best practices, this year’s conference is dedicating a quarter of its programming to AI and not only how it’s challenging business, but practical ways chambers (and members) can use AI to become more efficient and cut costs.

Content creation, repurposing existing content, image creation and much more, you will learn everything you wanted to know (and maybe somethings you didn’t even know you wanted to know!) about this new(ish) technology.

We’ll share practical use cases and how you can use AI to improve event planning and streamline your operations. It’s an incredible opportunity to dive into AI and all its uses, specially designed around the needs of chambers.

This is a must-attend conference because it’s designed to not just inform but to transform, providing you with the tools, strategies, and knowledge to elevate your chamber to new heights.

Sign up today. Super Early-bird Pricing will end soon.


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