Meet Norma Davey

Creative Director and Co-founder of the Chamber Pros Community

Norma has been in the chamber industry for 16 years. Previously, she was the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a mid-sized chamber for 7 years.

She has devoted her career to the development of chambers, assisting small businesses, and enhancing communities. She is enthusiastic about collaborating with chambers and their members, providing them with comprehensive support in all aspects of social media and creative marketing. Norma firmly believes that successful small businesses are the core of flourishing communities.

Norma has a special talent for creative, visual marketing combined with a love of technology, which has made her an in-demand conference speaker and consultant. She is also a professional photographer. As the owner of multiple successful businesses, Norma has chaired major community festivals, and events and has served on many non-profit boards and committees.

Norma has been involved in helping with marketing of successful events such as Longview Squirrel Fest, Shop Local & Win, and Small Business Season.

Norma believes that...

​ ​All chamber staff should have great relationships with their members

​ ​​It is important that chambers constantly tell their story

​ ​Every chamber can have a solid and professional brand - easily

 Having the right tools for marketing and branding are critical  

​ Its important for chambers to lead the way through example

Norma's Story

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