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Does this sound like you?

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  • ​I work for a Chamber of Commerce​​
  • ​I am passionate about my community
  • ​I put my heart & soul into helping members

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What our community believes

  • ​Chambers are relevant
  • ​Chambers are influential
  • ​Chambers are important
  • ​Chambers are innovative
  • ​Chambers show leadership
  • ​Chambers appeal to all generations
  • ​Chambers are community problem solvers

What some other people believe

  • ​Chambers are broke
  • ​Chambers don't do much​
  • ​Chambers are insignificant
  • ​Chambers are unimportant
  • ​Chambers are for old people
  • ​Chambers are behind the times

These People are wrong!

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A Chamber Pro is passionate about community.

Smart! Driven! Dedicated! Leader!

Pours heart and soul into helping their members achieve their dreams.

Is in the center of it all, bringing together business, government, & community.

Thinks like an entrepreneur
Creates synergy
builds networks
changes the world

I am a Chamber Pro
and I love what I do!

Feedback on Frank's work with chambers...

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After a decade of doing things the same way, our President/CEO and myself brought in Frank Kenny for a two-day board retreat.

One of our board directors sent me this email after the retreat “All I can say is WOW & THANK YOU! The board retreat was amazing and very productive.”

We truly appreciate having an opportunity to work with someone who has the knowledge and experience necessary to guide a board like ours toward change. You are truly awesome Frank!

Jerry Alexander M.A.,J.D., Chair of the Board, Lindale Area Chamber

I had the pleasure of having Frank speak at my GACCE Executive Leadership Conference and he did a fantastic job. I highly recommend him for your next association event or chamber seminar!

Tiffany Ott, Executive Director for GACCE, LACCE, and VACCE / Administrator for CACCE, PACP, and ASCP

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Our Solutions for Your Chamber...

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Access Ready-2-Use Chamber-specific Social Media Content!

Let us save you time and make your life easier by creating social media content for you!

  • Increase your engagement.
  • Grow your reach.
  • Save time and money!

Introducing: The Chamber Pros Education Resource Library

Chamber-specific Resources, Knowledge, & Information On...

  • Membership Growth
  • Engagement
  • Retention
  • ​Non-Dues Revenue
  • ​​Events
  • ​​Sponsorship Sales
  • ​​​Marketing
  • ​Social Media
  • ​​Sales
  • ​​Government Affairs
  • ​​Board Development
  • ​Tiered Dues and More

Hire Frank for your next board retreat, strategic planning session, board orientation, and more.

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"Frank, thanks a million. The best two days the Chamber has ever seen."

Dan DeBone, President/CEO, Westmoreland County Chamber

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