Finding the ideal job candidate for your chamber starts with the job description. You want it to be engaging, concise, clear, and something a candidate will want to take action on. In this article, we'll cover ways to do this and provide you with templates you can use to build out your own.

Tips and Best Practices for Crafting Chamber Job Descriptions

A well-crafted job description not only attracts the best candidates but also sets the tone for your organization's culture and values. To help you in this endeavor, we've compiled a set of best practices and creative ideas to make your job descriptions stand out and bring in top talent.

Begin with a Compelling Job Title / Headline

Your job title is the first thing potential candidates will see. Make it clear, concise, and appealing. Avoid overly technical jargon and acronyms that might confuse candidates. While you might not have much leeway for a Chamber President job description, consider what your ideal candidate might be searching for. Is it really Membership Sales or would Flexible Sales Work From Home get more attention? Remember, your headline doesn't have to be the exact title of the position when you're posting it around the community. Your headline should be true to the spirit of the position but needn't be the exact title especially if your chamber title might mean something different outside of the chamber world. 

Write a Strong and Concise Summary

Start your chamber job description with a captivating summary that provides a snapshot of the position's key responsibilities and its importance within the chamber and community at large. This should be a brief paragraph that entices candidates to read further.

It's likely you are competing with many private sector positions that pay higher than the chamber. The summary is the ideal place to show off your chamber's personality and the non-tangible reasons someone who want to be a part of your team.

Focus on Key Responsibilities

Clearly outline the primary responsibilities of the role. Use bullet points or subheadings to break down the tasks into manageable sections. Make sure to highlight the most critical duties and responsibilities that the candidate will be expected to perform. Where it makes sense to do so, add the importance behind the duty. People love to understand how their role fits in to the larger mission.

Emphasize Skills and Qualifications

Specify the essential qualifications, including educational background, experience, and any necessary certifications. Be realistic about the requirements, but don't forget to mention any preferred qualifications as well. This can help candidates envision their potential growth within the role.

Don't forget to include softer skills like "good communicator" or "a person who loves helping business professionals." These can be much more important than other things that can be taught like how to use the copier.

Highlight Your Chamber's Culture and Values

Incorporate your chamber of commerce's mission, vision, and values into the job description. This not only gives candidates insight into your organization's ethos but also helps attract candidates who align with your values.

Make sure your mission, vision, and values are up to date with your current chamber work. This is also a great time to review and rewrite them.

Use Inclusive Language

Ensure your job description uses inclusive language to appeal to a diverse pool of candidates. Avoid gendered terms, colloquialisms, and phrases that might discourage underrepresented groups from applying.

Add a Personal Touch

Consider including a brief section about your chamber's culture, team dynamics, or workplace perks. Personal anecdotes or quotes from current employees can humanize the job description and make it more relatable. This may not fit a traditional job posting but in a competitive hiring market you need to stand out, not blend in.

Describe Career Growth Opportunities or Perks

Your chamber may not have a traditional career pathway, especially in a smaller operation. But you want people to feel like they won't stagnate if they accept your position. Even if the position you are hiring for is not a direct pathway to CEO, there may be additional growth opportunities such as extending a business network, being part of the educational or leadership programs or taking on additional responsibilities to advance their careers. 

Be Transparent About Compensation and Benefits

While you don't need to provide specific salary figures, be transparent about the compensation structure and any unique benefits your chamber of commerce offers. This will help candidates determine if the position aligns with their financial expectations.

If you don't give some idea of the salary range, you are wasting their time and yours. This is especially important when posting a position like CEO. Some candidates who are not familiar with chamber salaries may expect a Chamber CEO to make a similar wage to a nonprofit or the CEO of a small company. Those numbers can vary widely and may stop someone from applying. 

Encourage Applications from Diverse Backgrounds

Explicitly state your commitment to diversity and inclusion and encourage applicants from all backgrounds to apply. Include a statement about your chamber's equal opportunity employment practices.

Include a Call to Action

Wrap up your chamber job description with a clear call to action. Prompt candidates to apply, providing instructions on how to do so, including any specific documents you require, such as a resume, cover letter, or portfolio.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what goes into a good chamber job description, we have created three templates you can use to create your own.  

Chamber CEO Job Description Template


As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of [Your Chamber of Commerce], you will play a pivotal role in leading our organization to new heights of excellence and impact. This challenging and rewarding position offers a unique opportunity to shape the future of [Your Chamber of Commerce] and the communities it serves. We are seeking a visionary leader who is passionate about advancing our mission and values. [Add in any areas of expertise that you are working on such as workforce development or affordable housing.]

Key Responsibilities:

  • Strategic Leadership: Develop and execute a comprehensive strategic plan that aligns with the chamber's mission and goals. Lead the organization towards sustained growth and relevance within our community.
  • Membership Engagement: Foster strong relationships with chamber members, promoting engagement and ensuring their needs are met. Implement initiatives to attract and retain members.
  • Advocacy and Public Relations: Represent the chamber as the primary spokesperson, advocating for the interests of our members at local, regional, and national levels. Cultivate partnerships with government agencies, businesses, and community organizations.
  • Financial Management: Oversee the chamber's financial health, including budget development and fiscal responsibility. Identify and secure diverse revenue streams to support our programs and initiatives.
  • Team Leadership: Lead and inspire a dedicated team of professionals, fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment. Encourage professional growth and development among staff members.
  • ​Events and Programming: Drive the development and execution of high-impact events and programs that deliver value to our members and the community.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Promote diversity and inclusion within the chamber and its programs, ensuring that all voices are heard and represented.
  • Community Engagement: Strengthen the chamber's role as a community leader by actively participating in local initiatives and addressing community needs.


  • ​Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, or a related field (Master's degree preferred).
  • ​Proven experience in executive leadership roles, preferably in a chamber of commerce, nonprofit organization, or a related field.
  • ​Strong strategic planning and organizational skills with a track record of achieving results.
  • ​Excellent communication and public speaking abilities.
  • ​Experience in financial management and budgeting.
  • ​A commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • ​Knowledge of [Your Location]'s business landscape and community dynamics is a plus.

Our Culture and Values:

At [Your Chamber of Commerce], we are committed to fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and community engagement. We value diversity, equity, and inclusion and strive to make a positive impact on the lives of our members and the communities we serve.

Compensation and Benefits:

[Include a brief statement about compensation and benefits, as well as any unique perks your chamber offers.]

How to Apply:

Interested candidates should submit their resume and a cover letter outlining their qualifications and vision for [Your Chamber of Commerce] to [Contact Information]. The application deadline is [Deadline Date] or [job will remain open until filled.]

[Your Chamber of Commerce] is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage applications from candidates of all backgrounds and experiences.

[Your Chamber of Commerce] is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of all applicants. Personal information submitted will be used only for the purpose of this job application.

Chamber Membership Sales Template


As a Membership Sales Representative at [Your Chamber of Commerce], you will be a vital part of our team, driving growth by acquiring and retaining chamber members. This role offers a dynamic opportunity for individuals who are passionate about fostering business relationships and helping our community thrive. 

NOTE: the job title in this instance may not be as important as the perks you offer such as "work from home sales" or "commission and base sales."

Key Responsibilities

  • Membership Acquisition: Actively prospect, identify, and engage potential chamber members. Present the value of chamber membership and tailor benefits to meet individual business needs.
  • ​Relationship Building: Cultivate and maintain strong relationships with existing members to ensure their continued engagement and satisfaction. Address member inquiries and concerns promptly and effectively.
  • ​Membership Retention: Develop strategies to reduce member attrition rates and implement initiatives to enhance member value.
  • ​Sales Strategies: Develop and execute innovative sales strategies to meet and exceed membership sales goals. Identify and target key industry sectors and businesses for recruitment.
  • ​Networking and Outreach: Attend chamber events, local business functions, and community gatherings to promote membership benefits and establish connections with prospective members.
  • ​Database Management: Maintain accurate records of member interactions, sales activities, and prospect information in the chamber's CRM system.
  • ​Collaboration: Collaborate with other chamber staff/stakeholders to align membership sales efforts with the chamber's overall goals and initiatives.


  • High school diploma or equivalent (Bachelor's degree in Business or related field preferred).
  • ​Proven experience in sales, membership sales, or a related field.
  • ​Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • ​Self-motivated and results-driven with a strong work ethic.
  • ​Proficiency in using CRM software and sales tools.
  • ​Knowledge of the local business community and chamber of commerce operations is a plus.

Our Culture and Values:

At [Your Chamber of Commerce], we foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and community engagement. We are dedicated to helping businesses thrive and making a positive impact on our community.

Compensation & Benefits

[Include a brief statement about compensation, commission structure, and benefits, if applicable.]

How to Apply

Interested candidates should submit their resume and a cover letter outlining their qualifications and interest in the Membership Sales Representative position to [Contact Information].

[Your Chamber of Commerce] is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage applications from candidates of all backgrounds and experiences.

[Your Chamber of Commerce] is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of all applicants. Personal information submitted will be used only for the purpose of this job application.


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