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Established in 2014, Chamber Pros Talks is the industry’s leading online conference for chamber professionals. Discover the latest strategies across 20 sessions over 5 days, including workforce, retention, non-dues revenue, ambassador programs, young professionals, foundations, AI applications, advocacy, marketing automation, and more. Enjoy dedicated content from 20 expert presenters inside and outside the chamber world. Whether a small, medium, or large chamber, gain invaluable insights through unbeatable networking and education opportunities. Together, we're shaping the future of chamber excellence and success.


  • Non-dues Revenue
  • ​AI: Content Repurposing
  • Retention Strategy
  • Membership Sales
  • Foundation, Funding & Programs
  • AI: Practical Use Cases
  • Leadership Programs
  • AI: Event Planning Strategy & Tactics
  • Dues Structure
  • Leadership
  • Young Professionals
  • AI: Image Creation
  • ​Advocacy/Government Affairs
  • Sponsorships
  • Workforce
  • AI: Content Creation
  • Marketing Automation
  • ​Board Development
  • Ambassadors
  • More


Get cutting-edge insights, invaluable networking opportunities, and a transformative virtual experience by registering for your VIP Pass for the Chamber Pros Talks - Online Conference.​


Cathi Hight

President of Hight Performance Group and developer of The Member Retention Kit and A New Approach to Tiered Membership

Jeff Meredith

Founder and CEO of
JeffM Consulting - has 18 years of non-profit leadership experience, specializing in setting up chamber foundations

Justin Patton

Executive Leadership Coach, Speaker, and an award winning author of Your Road to Yes, Bold New You, Leadership Presences, and Unleashing Potential Confidence

Henry Florsheim

Director of the City of Cedar Hill, TX Economic Development Corporation,  and has nearly 25 years of economic development and Chamber experience and a history of developing successful strategic partnerships

Kelly Flannery, FCCP

President/CEO, South Tampa Chamber - works to promote the area's business and community, having earned professional certifications and accolades for the Chamber under her leadership, including being named the 2020 Florida Chamber of the Year.

Joey O'Hern

Executive Director,
Lake City-Columbia County Chamber of Commerce - dedicated professional with over 15 years of experience in enhancing non-profit organizations and community development. He is skilled at optimizing the effectiveness of non-profit programs.

Nikki Devitt

President, Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce - leading the organization to create a thriving community by supporting businesses. She holds leadership positions in regional and national organizations, including chairing the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance and serving on the boards of MACP, ACCE, and the U.S. Chamber Institute for Organization Management

Mike Howard

Chief Operating Officer, Wheeling Area Chamber of Commerce and Vice President for Development ,  Wheeling Chamber Foundation - Mike, CEO of his own sales/marketing firm and author, has 35 years of experience. Since joining the Wheeling Area Chamber of Commerce in June 2022, he's grown membership from 500 to 700 and doubled the annual budget through sponsorship sales.

Christine Kennedy, CCE, IOM, CPC, ELI-MP

Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President, ​Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance, Leadership & Life Purpose Coach - Christine has 20+ year career in the Chamber of Commerce and non-profit industry, currently serving the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance where she administers nationally award-winning leadership programs. She is a sought-after speaker and facilitator in areas such as leadership, effective non-profit management, and strategic planning, with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Liberty University and certified as a life and leadership coach.

Dr. Liz Kerns

Dr. Liz Kerns is a highly-driven entrepreneurial leader working at the intersection of nonprofit management, higher education, workforce development, and community partnerships. As Director of Venture Development for Indiana Wesleyan University, she provides leadership for innovation, cultivates strategic partnerships, and builds transformative educational programs.

Christina Metcalf

Christina Metcalf is a writer, author, and speaker teaching chambers and small businesses how to use AI to expand their resources and increase productivity. She believes in the power of story and thinks that while the "rise of the machines" may be on our doorstep, the choice is not in whether you should or shouldn't use AI, but in how you leverage it to crush your goals.

Nancy Keefer, CCE

President/CEO, Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce - hired as the CEO after a national search for the position. She began her leadership role on October 14, 2013. Locally, Keefer is a member of various organizations, including the Daytona Beach Rotary Club, Team Volusia Board of Directors, Daytona Beach Economic Development Advisory Board, and the Checkered Flag Club for Daytona International Speedway.

Hardy Smith

Hardy Smith is the author of the Amazon best-seller Stop the Nonprofit Board Blame Game. As a consultant and speaker, he helps nonprofits, Chambers of Commerce, and associations improve board engagement. Hardy is a faculty member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation's Institute of Organization Management and belongs to several professional associations, including ACCE, ASAE, NSA, AFP, BoardSource, and FSAE.

Lisa Farquharson

President / CEO The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce - Lisa Farquharson has cultivated an exceptional career in the chamber and tourism industry over the past 15 years, dedicating more than a decade to her role as CEO of The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce. With a profound background in marketing, economic development, and nonprofit management, Lisa has been instrumental in enhancing community engagement and fostering significant business partnerships, predominantly through her leadership at the Chamber and as Tourism Director for Explore The Dalles, even leveraging AI to revolutionize chamber practices and integrate it into her daily workflow.

Shannan Reid

Shannan Reid is a dynamic entrepreneur-styled executive, known for her resourceful approach to Chamber leadership. With over a decade of experience, she has successfully transitioned from directing a downtown business association to establishing and leading the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce. In 2024, her chamber merged with the neighboring Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber, leading her to assume the role of Community Relations. Throughout her journey, she has adeptly built teams and maximized automation tools to extend her resources, driving growth and innovation in every role she undertakes.

Rebecca Wildeboer

Rebecca Wildeboer is an event specialist with extensive experience in the chamber industry, including serving as a former CEO. She is an AI expert, utilizing advanced technologies to strategize and plan innovative events. Rebecca's unique combination of chamber knowledge and AI prowess makes her a valuable asset in the event planning sphere.

Lindsay Keisler, IOM, CCE

President/CEO of The Chamber of Catawba County in Hickory, NC since 2017, leading the largest business association in the Greater Hickory Metro region, representing over 830 business Shareholders and Investors. Under her leadership, The Chamber has achieved organizational excellence, innovation, and strategic planning resulting in increased partner engagement, retention rates, and profitability, and was recognized as the 2014 Outstanding Chamber of the Year in North & South Carolina and the 2016 "Chamber of the Year" by the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives.

Nisha Hall

As the Founder and President of the Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce (VABCC) and the Virginia Black Business Directory (VABBD), I am deeply committed to fostering economic sustainability and growth among Black business owners. Leveraging my experience and expertise, I have strategically developed programs and initiatives that empower and raise the visibility of black-owned businesses.

Frank Kenny

Frank Kenny, founder of the Chamber Pros Community and several other resources for chamber professionals, is recognized as an AI expert in the industry. With a down-to-earth approach rooted in his extensive experience as a chamber member, board members, elected chair, and President/CEO, Frank now consults and speaks professionally, focusing on leveraging AI alongside strategic planning, digital marketing, and member engagement.

Norma Davey

Social Media/Digital Marketing & Visual Marketing Specialist for Chambers of Commerce & Co-Founder Frank J Kenny, LLC - Norma Davey, co-founder of the 11,500+ member Chamber Pros Community, is an award-winning social media, digital and visual marketing expert for Chambers of Commerce. With decades of chamber experience, she shares innovative marketing strategies as a sought-after industry speaker.


In an era of rapid change and innovation, staying ahead is not just an option; it's a necessity. This year, the Chamber Pro Talks are more vital than ever, bringing you:

  • ​20 transformative live sessions covering the hottest topics in the chamber industry.
  • Exclusive insights on retention strategies, non-dues revenue, sponsorships, and the cutting-edge applications of AI in chamber operations.
  • Practical solutions that you can implement immediately, whether you're part of a small town chamber or more regional.​

From the comfort of your home or office, our conference is designed not just to inform but to transform, providing you with the tools, strategies, and knowledge to elevate your chamber to new heights.


The 10th Annual Chamber Pro Talks is designed for:

  • ​ Chamber Staff: Enhance your skills and discover strategies to support your chamber’s growth.
  • Board Members: Gain insights into innovative practices that can help steer your chamber towards greater success.
  • Committee Members: Dive deep into specific areas like advocacy, membership sales, ambassadors, marketing, events, and sponsorship to boost your committee’s impact.
  • ​Active Chamber Members: Stay on the cutting edge of chamber developments and ensure your chamber remains relevant in a changing world.

This conference is a must-attend for anyone involved in driving their chamber forward through new ideas, strategies, and tactics.​



The 10th Annual Chamber Pro Talks includes:


















Envision yourself at the forefront, embracing the cutting-edge strategies from the conference as they revolutionize the landscape around you. Reserve your place now and unlock the transformative knowledge that will redefine your approach to chamber operations, propelling you to new heights of excellence.

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Direct Connection with speakers and attendees............................(Value $200)

BONUS: Recordings of all 20 sessions - to replay whenever you need to............................(Value $200)

BONUS: Audio Recording of All Sessions. Listen while driving, exercising, etc..............(Value $200)

BONUS: Transcripts of all 20 sessions...............................(Value $200)

BONUS: Professional Written Notes of all 20 sessions....................(Value $200)

BONUS: Limited Edition Chamber Pros Community Collector Coin.....................................(Value $200)

​BONUS: Exclusive Chamber Pros T-Shirt........................................(Priceless!)

What Our Audience Has Been Saying!

Why Attend This Event?

"...So happy that you are doing this again. I can't wait for the 2024 sessions!"

​Karen Truce Bosley, Aurora Chamber of Commerce, Ohio

"Frank Kenny, you always provide not only quality content but highly relevant tips and strategies."

Kevin Ferrasci OMalley, Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce, Oregon

"...This is so exciting! I have learned so much from you guys in the past 4 years!"

Antoinette A. Heier, Hazen Chamber of Commerce/CVB


Chamber Pro Talks brings an exceptional lineup of topics tailored to address the current needs and future challenges of chamber professionals. Each session is crafted to provide actionable insights and strategies that will help you drive growth and innovation within your chamber.

Here’s what you can expect:

  AI – Practical Use Cases for Chambers:

See real-world applications of artificial intelligence that can save you time and help you be more creative

 AI Content Repurposing for the Win:

Save time and get more engagement with these productivity boosters

 ​AI - Events - Plans and Strategies:

Explore how AI can transform your events from planning to execution, making them more engaging and less resource-intensive.

AI – More Than Just a Tool, a Chamber Partner.

Find out just how easy it is to have a friend in AI. And, just how helpful it can be on things you might not have even thought of...yet.

 AI – Creative Marketing:

Discover how to use AI image creation tools to quickly and easily create great content.

 Membership Sales:

Building Membership Value and How to Sell It! What goes into building VALUE so businesses will want to join their local Chamber of Commerce? Discover the three pillars.


Develop your leadership skills to lead your chamber and your community more effectively.

 Leadership Programs:

Discover how to create and maintain impactful leadership programs that cultivate a pipeline of skilled leaders.

  Retention Strategies:

Learn how to keep your members engaged and committed to your chamber, ensuring long-term growth and stability.

  Non-Dues Revenue Strategies:

Show me the Money! Strategies for bringing in non-dues revenue


Increasing Value for Your Members and Organization.

  Foundation, Funding & Programs - Oh my!

In this Talk, Jeff will share some of the programs that work well under a foundation and provide ways to find and secure funds to support these efforts. Whether you already have a foundation or have considered starting one - this is a session you won't want to miss.

  Marketing Automation Through Effortless Onboarding:

Chamber Drip Campaigns Simplified. Streamline your workflow and amplify efficiency with our step-by-step guide to setting up automated drip campaigns for first-year Chamber members. Discover how to leverage automation to save time and resources, freeing up staff for other crucial tasks.

 Young Professionals:

Let’s talk about X, Y & Z. How to recruit, engage and retain young professionals, and develop future leaders for your organization.

 Board Development:

Creating a Positive Board Experience. This session will discuss how a board experience affects board engagement. Essential elements for developing a positive board experience will be shared.

 Tiered Benefits Can Increase Your Revenue and Member Loyalty.

We’ve all heard about tiered dues. But how does it work? This Talk will walk you through a personal experience successfully transitioning two Chambers from the old fair-share method to a tiered benefit model.

 Advocacy: Get in the game…

Advocacy action for chambers of all sizes. Don’t know where to start? Want to elevate your efforts? Why advocating is important for your Chamber's relevancy.


Empower your chamber ambassadors with the tools and knowledge they need to represent your chamber positively and persuasively.

 Workforce and other challenges.

Explore how chambers play an indispensable role in advocating for businesses to overcome workforce barriers like housing, transportation, and childcare. Discover strategies to foster thriving business cultures, drive economic growth, and empower businesses to compete effectively.

These sessions are designed not just to inform, but to transform. They will equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to lead your chamber with confidence and creativity, ensuring you’re prepared for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

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The 2024 Chamber Pros Talks - Online Conference is packed full to make sure you get the most out of your experience.

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It’s your gateway to becoming a pivotal part of your chamber’s success story. Optimize your operations, maximize your impact, and be at the forefront of your industry.

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Chamber Secrets Declassified

Chamber Secrets Declassified - 32 conference NOTES from our prior Chamber Pros Online Conferences. Just $37 for a wealth of ideas and strategies from top experts in the Chamber industry. [PDF eBook]


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Chamber Secrets Declassified

Chamber Secrets Declassified - 32 conference NOTES from our prior Chamber Pros Online Conferences. Just $37 for a wealth of ideas and strategies from top experts in the Chamber industry. [PDF eBook]

We Never Share Your Information With Anyone

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Chamber Secrets Declassified

Chamber Secrets Declassified - 32 conference NOTES from our prior Chamber Pros Online Conferences. Just $37 for a wealth of ideas and strategies from top experts in the Chamber industry. [PDF eBook]


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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not very tech-savvy. How easy is it to participate in the online conference?

Participating is straightforward! Prior to the conference, we’ll provide you with all the information and support you need to comfortably access and navigate our online platform. Plus, our team is available to assist you during the conference if you have any issues.

I'm worried about the time commitment. What if I can't attend all the live sessions?

We understand the demands on your time. That’s why all sessions are available live and on-demand. You can access all the content at your convenience from any device, ensuring you benefit from all the insights and strategies without disrupting your schedule.

How do I access the live sessions?

Watch on Demand! All sessions have been recorded and available for you to watch at your convenience.

Will I be able to ask questions during the sessions?

Yes, interactive sessions are designed to include Q&A periods where you can ask questions directly to the speakers.

What if I miss a live session?

We understand life gets busy, schedules change, or something comes up. We want ensure you have access to all the presentations. You will be able to view the missed session recording.

How long will I have access to the session recordings?

You will have unlimited access to the recordings and all additional resources for one year after the conference ends.

How can I justify the cost of the conference?

The conference offers tremendous value through 20 sessions. This includes not only live access but also on-demand replays, MP3 recordings, transcripts, and exclusive bonus materials. These resources ensure that you can implement transformative strategies that far exceed the initial investment.

What guarantees do I have that I will find the conference worthwhile?

We pride ourselves on the quality and applicability of our content. Past attendees often report significant improvements in their operations and strategy implementation as a direct result of our conferences. We’re confident you’ll find actionable value in every session. If you are not 100% satisfied, just let us know, and we will gladly refund you your registration.

Will the sessions be relevant to my specific needs?

Our diverse range of topics is designed to address the needs of all chamber sizes and types, from small local chambers to medium and large ones. Each session focuses on practical and actionable strategies that you can tailor to your specific context.

Can I really network effectively at a virtual conference?

Absolutely! Our platform offers interactive features that facilitate networking. You can connect with attendees through live chats. Plus, our active Chamber Pros Community Facebook group serves as a vibrant community hub for staff for ongoing engagement before, during, and after the conference.

Are there any group discounts available?

Yes, we offer special rates for groups of five or more. Please contact for more details.

Is this the same as the Chamber Pros Education resource library that we already have access to?

No. This is a separate program.

Unlock Your Chamber's Potential: Join Us For The 10th Annual Chamber Pro Talks - Online Conference

Date: Watch on Demand
​Location: Online

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