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Want to Save Time & Get Better Results for Your Chamber?

Let Us Create Your Chamber's Social Media Content For You...

We do this for 100's of chambers. Why not yours?

Hi, I'm Frank Kenny.

Let me share a quick story with you...

About 8 years ago, we were approached by a Chamber Pro with a challenge – 

Frank Kenny

"Create high-quality social media content for us without burning a hole in our budget."

Specifically, they wanted engagement-getting social media images that they could share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms.

They simply didn't have to the time to consistently create this content in-house.

Does This Sound Familiar?

So we set out to do this for them.

And we ran into a problem.

The issue was it takes a lot of time.

As you can imagine, having us create this content for them each and every week was out of the chamber's price range.

Then we had the idea that most chambers don't really compete against each other and maybe the price could come down if chambers from all over subscribed to get weekly "bundles of content" from us.

Hundreds of chambers immediately subscribed to the Chamber Pros Content Marketing Bundle program.

With hundreds of chambers working together, the cost came down dramatically!

The participating chambers received a week's worth of chamber-specific, engagement-getting, high quality images in their email inbox each Sunday night.

Then something happened that we didn't intend...

We started hearing from Chamber Pros that they weren't using the content for just social media!

That's right.

They were also using them in their newsletter, blog, emails, event flyers, ads, and other marketing areas.

A huge time and money saver!


What Chamber Pros Have To Say...

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"The Content Marketing Bundle program has been an excellent resource for our Chamber.

This program has been a time saver and sanity saver!"

Rachel Unell, President, Mountain Communities Chamber of Commerce

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"I appreciate having ready-made, industry relevant material available for our posts, website, & emails. Not having to come up with something on our own every week is a real plus."

Valerie Boyle, President/CEO, Newark Chamber of Commerce

Here's How It Works

Chamber-Specific Social Images Are Sent Straight To Your Email Inbox Each Week!

You get 5 new, ready-to-use, images each Sunday night, one for each work day.

And, you immediately get easy 24x7 access to the huge library of 2000+ chamber-friendly images.

No matter the occasion, you will always have great images at your fingertips.

These are ready to use as is (or you can edit them in Canva).

They can be used in your newsletter, emails, social media platforms, posters, notecards... it's up to you.

Here is a small sample of what you get each week in your email inbox...

When you support local...
That Support Local Feeling
Start with the habit of asking yourself, can I buy this locally
Chamber Membership What's in it for you?
You can make a difference Volunteer
Shop Local This Season



You need content for your website and newsletters.

Through the Content Marketing Bundle Plus program, you get immediate access to 400+ small business articles and a brand new professionally written small business article each week.

These articles are yours to edit and add your chamber information to.

They can be used in your newsletter, blog, and even as social posts.

Here are some recent titles...

The Halo Effect
5 Ways to Improve team culture in your small business
Are you ready for an intern?

What Chamber Pros are saying...

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"The Content Marketing Bundle provides our Chamber with great content that we use every week! It provides valuable content and saves us time!"

Stacey Sullivan, Engagement Coordinator, Kawartha Chamber & Tourism

Bob jpg

"We always use the graphics in our weekly email newsletter. The articles have saved my bacon more than a  few times when I needed content for  our magazine."

Bob Hammersley, President & CEO, St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce

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  • 5 Professionally Designed Chamber-Friendly Social Media Images Each Week
  • ​1 Professionally Written Small Business Article Each Week
  • ​​BONUS: Canva Editable Template Link to Each New Image
  • ​BONUS: Weekly Chamber-Specific Social Media Tip with Example
  • BONUS: Monthly Content Calendar Emailed Direct To You
  • ​​BONUS: Access to Image Library with 2000+ Chamber Social Media Images
  • ​​BONUS: Access to Article Library with 400+ Small Business Articles
  • ​BONUS: Access to Video Library with 300 Small Business Videos
  • ​​BONUS: Access to Images Library with 150 Images for the Holidays

$4,300 in value!

Just $249/year
or $24.95/month

Enrollment is open. Sign up now!


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"I wish I had found it sooner.
Great content to use as Chambers."

Marianne Hanson, Executive Director, Portage Area Chamber of Commerce

Bob jpg

"For the record I really appreciate this content.
It is very helpful."

Nancy-jo Manney, Executive Director , Greater Springfield Chamber